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4 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Clean with Your Vacuum

When you think of chores, cleaning or your to-do list, it’s likely that vacuuming is one of the first things you think of. Vacuum cleaners are considered a cleaning staple for households, but there’s so much more to vacuums than the standard usage. Here are 4 things you didn’t know you could clean with your vacuum that will give your home a complete clean, transforming it into a healthy, happy space for you to live.


Vacuums have long been known for their ability to pick up the dust and dirt collecting in your carpet’s fibers.  But did you know that vacuums can be used for the rest of your dusting too? Using a vacuum is actually more effective in cleaning because the particles end up in the canister or bag, as opposed to settling all over your recently-cleaned home.

To use your vacuum for dusting purposes, just attach the soft brush attachment to the end of the hose and go over any surface you’d like, such as tables, bookshelves, and windowsills. Vacuums can even help you dust areas or items that you would’ve never thought of or that are difficult to reach, like baseboards, light fixtures/lamps, and window covers (blinds, curtains, shutters).


While the actual vacuum unit can’t reach up to clean the kitchen appliances, your hose and attachments sure can! Long gone are the days of removing all the appliance’s pieces, scrubbing, and wiping with a paper towel to clean crumbs and food bits stuck in your microwave, stove, oven and fridge.

Using the crevice attachment, you can easily fit your hose into the small spaces of your stove or fridge shelves to clean the debris. This saves you the hassle and frustration of wiping and re-wiping spilled scraps. And while you’re at it, you could even suck up the crumbs on your counter too! Just make sure whatever appliance you are cleaning has cooled down first, and then vacuum away!



You can’t clean every inch of your bathroom — because the vacuum won’t clean your shower or your toilet! However, it can still be quite useful. You’ve probably seen it:  your bathroom can collect a lot of sticky dust and lint, and any attempt to wipe it down with a paper towel can actually end up smearing that grime around even more.

To save you from this distress, simply use the soft brush attachment (attached onto your vacuum’s hose) and wipe down surfaces, counters and walls of your bathroom. While you may have to use a cleaner to clean the stains and messes, using your vacuum cleaner to wipe down and tidy up the space makes the process much quicker and easier!


If just the thought of taking your windows and screens apart for cleaning makes you want to run away screaming, then your vacuum is just the thing you need. As odd as it may sound, giving your windows a quick vacuum every now and then will actually clean them better and in a much faster way! Oftentimes, homeowners seem to overlook the filth and dust on their windows because they’re such inconvenient places to clean. If you’re using a vacuum to clean often, then it might not be necessary to take apart your whole window, spray it down and scrub like a madman.

To clean your windows, use your hose to vacuum the screen, windowsill (a lot of filth can build up in the windowsill between the screen and glass), and windows. With a fresh view outside, your home will certainly be looking and feeling clean and tidy inside—all thanks to your vacuum!