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4 Essential Cleaning Tips for Households with Small Children

Keeping a clean house isn’t always easy…and keeping a clean house with other people living in it, especially small children, can feel near-to-impossible sometimes. You turn around from cleaning one thing only to find the room a mess once again, and your sweet, innocent child the guilty culprit! A perfectly spotless, tidy home and kids usually do not coexist; however, there are some cleaning tips that you can help!

Rethink your definition of tidy

Before kids, tidy may have meant everything was perfectly in its place so that the house looked like a model home daily:  every counter was clear and there were no baskets, boxes or objects left lying about.

Add kids, though, and there are bound to be toy baskets, dress-up boxes and a few other toys strewn about. You can still be orderly, while realizing that now it may mean that baskets filled with toys are visible, or a lost shoe may appear in the middle of the kitchen every once and a while. Once you realize you can still be tidy, just in a different way, you can live more peacefully in a clean, kid-friendly home.

Daily Sweeps

One way to help keep things tidy and avoid having a huge, stressful pile-up of cleaning on the weekends (or whenever your cleaning time is), is to do a daily sweep of your home. Every night when the kids go to bed—or another time that suits your schedule—walk through the house and do a basic clean up spot-check.

If you pick up toys left out, clean papers off the counters, put dirty clothes in the hampers daily, it will be easier to deep clean later since you’ve already limited the stuff you have to tend to. Also, by having less messes and clutter around the house, there will be fewer areas to accumulate dirt and dust (that would ordinarily need to be cleaned later). By just taking 10 minutes out of the day, you can make it easier on yourself to maintain the clean rather than completely clean a messy house.

Teach them the importance of clean while they’re young

From a young age, start teaching the principles of cleanliness and tidiness to your children. Of course, you can’t expect your 1 year old to be dusting and vacuuming! But early on, you can start teaching them about cleaning, how to clean and why cleaning is important.

After playtime, give them toys and show them how to put the toys away; if they spilled something, teach them how to wipe it up. Even toddlers can be taught this way.Then, as they get older, you can teach them more things such as making their bed, cleaning up their room and eventually move into bigger cleaning and organizing tasks.

In the long-run, this will help you keep your house clean because your children will understand what you expect in a neat and tidy home.


Cleaning a house can be time-consuming enough without the added clutter from children—which lengthens your cleaning routine even more! An essential tip for keeping that clean home is to be organized and free from piles of clutter.

When you declutter the counter, desks and other spaces, find a home for the clutter and if there is no home, get rid of it! Basically everything in your home should…have a home! This makes cleaning easier and your home appears tidier— so it’s a win-win.