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Oh the Places You’ll Go! 5 Clever Places Your Vacuum Comes in Handy

Your vacuum has been all over your house — cleaning up the dirt, dust and bacteria that threatens your happy, healthy home! It does a great job of handling the pet hair clumped to furniture, the kids’ dirt tracks on the carpet and the dust lingering around your bed, but has your vacuum cleaner been everywhere it could go to get things clean?

There are plenty of unexpected places where your vacuum can come in handy that you may not have thought of before. We think these 5 places could be the cherry-on-top that creates a perfectly clean and healthy home. Check it out and see just all the places you—and your vacuum, of course—will go!


Bending and crouching down to clean the impossible-to-reach baseboards can be a pain — literally! Not to mention the time and effort you spend, only to get a semi-clean look. Instead, try using your vacuum to do all the work.

Your hose is long enough to be able to reach the baseboards and remove lingering, stubborn dust . Be careful not to apply pressure and pull the hose along the baseboards, which could cause scratching or black marks. Turn the vacuum on, grab the hose and get to dusting those baseboards clean with a lot less pain. The brush attachment can be great to use for this task, as well.


Perhaps your fireplace is a constant:  always turned on in your home, or maybe you’ve never even touched it, much less turned it on. Whether you use your fireplace or not, it’s still a collecting pit for dust and dirt—a place that definitely needs cleaning! This is where your vacuum cleaner comes in handy. Don’t use it to suck up all the ash, soot and burned logs from inside the fireplace; instead, use your vacuum to dust and clean up the brick, wood, or tile on the outside and around your fireplace. You may be surprised at the amount of particles and dust that’s accumulated, but no matter what it amounts to, it will be no match for the hose of your awesome vacuum cleaner!


You’ve probably thought to use your vacuum to clean your kitchen floors, but have you utilized the machine in very possible way you can in your kitchen? Perhaps not! Besides cleaning the floors, your vacuum, the hose and its attachments can really get your space looking fresh. Deep clean your cupboards, cabinets and drawers with the hose of the vacuum, especially if you haven’t in a while, because dust can easily accumulate in those spaces.

Use the crevice attachment to suck crumbs from areas such as under cabinets, in the cooled-off oven, or under the grates of the stove. You can also use it to “sweep” around the areas under, to the side of and behind your fridge and other appliances (if possible to remove them slightly against the wall).  


Your windows can get really dusty and dirty, and simply using a cloth to clean won’t always give you the best, most efficient clean. Instead, use your vacuum to clean the windows, sills, screens and other spaces in between!

First thing, if you have bad allergies due to pollen or dust, you may want to wear a mask while cleaning the window because it’ll be open to the outside. You can use the hose to easily suck up and remove all the dust, dirt, pollen and other allergens from the crevices along the window sill. Also, the area between the screen and sill can get dirtied and filled with dead bugs, pollen, and dirt. Using the hose function in the area between the sill and screen will help you to get an efficient and effective clean of your windows!


All over your home, décor is creating great design in the room…and collecting dust from you, your pets, your family and everyday living! Things like lamps, books, tables, shelves and other decorations can be big traps for dirt and dust. You’ll have to be a little careful around anything breakable, but your vacuum can help reach those hard-to-get places of the décor and clean them.

For example, you can use the hose or the brush attachment to dust lampshades and the bases of lamps. Using the hose is much easier to clean the tops of books than using a cloth over the top of every single one. Shelves, tables, and small pieces you store on these surfaces can be dusted using the hose on your vacuum as well.





6 Things You Never Think of Cleaning…But Should!

When it comes to cleaning, there’s always a to-do list of tasks. There are probably certain things that you don’t even think twice about doing—they’re just habit! But what about the more overlooked areas that might not appear on your daily list? Whether or not you think you have them, there are many spots or items that people don’t even consider as a chore that definitely needs to be done. Here are 6 things you may have never thought to clean…but definitely should!

Remote Controls
Although they allow for the total relaxation and ease of access to the many wonderful television channels, they’re also home to tons of bacteria. When picking up the remote, the cleanliness of it never crosses most people’s minds, but just think about the bacteria, dirt and germs that get spread through the air and by dirty hands directly onto the  control itself. Clean as often as possible—especially if you have little kids—with a rag, rubbing alcohol, and cotton swabs for the hard to reach places on the remote.

Indoor Trash Cans
Trashcans in your kitchen help you dispose of unwanted food, dirt and other garbage. But have you ever stopped to consider what kind of garbage can get on the actual trash can? Bacteria and germs can gather (and multiply) in trash cans — whether from food or moisture— and cultivate. About every other week—or more if you notice it’s particularly filthy or smelly—take your trashcan outside to clean. Spray the inside and outside of it with  a mixture of vinegar and water, and then wipe down the whole can.

Washing Machine
The washing machine is essential for laundering and cleaning your dirty clothes by taking the dirt and bacteria from the clothes and removing it. However, this means that all those unwanted particles are still left in your washing machine. Once every three months, put 2 cups of white vinegar into your washer and run it empty on a regular cycle. Also, to prevent bacteria and mold growth, take the just-washed load out as soon as the cycle is complete, place the clothes in the dryer, and leave the washer door open to allow the leftover water to evaporate.

A dishwasher cleans your dirty dishes, but did you know that the actual dishwasher needs to be cleaned on its own? Oftentimes, grease and grime from the dirty dishes can end up stuck in your dishwasher — which not only provides a breeding ground for germs, but also decreases the efficiency of the appliance. Once a month, clear the drain by removing the bottom dish rack and removing any visible gunk caught in the drain. Then, place a dishwasher safe container (like a glass bowl) filled with a cup of white vinegar on the top rack and run through a hot-water cycle. This will freshen and deodorize the inside of your dishwasher!

Light Switches
Light switches are one of the most touched surfaces in your household, being pressed and touched every time someone walks into a room. This means that lots of bacteria and dirt can end up on these switches, and then gets transferred off to other places that you most likely do not want them to be. To clean the light switches, spray a mild cleaner or rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel and wipe them down each week.

Cell Phones & Tablets
Today it seems almost everyone has a cell phone or tablet device attached to them at all times, and for a very good reason:  they’re very handy! However, with a phone or tablet, you aren’t just carrying around a useful tool, but a lot of germs as well. Think of all the places a phone is taken or set down — it can pick up a lot of bacteria. So it pays to wipe down your phone or tablet every once in a while! To clean the screen, dampen a cotton ball or a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and wipe it down; afterward, dry with a soft cloth. When cleaning the USB and earphone ports, make sure the rubbing alcohol doesn’t seep into the phone. If you have a case on your device, don’t forget to scrub it thoroughly as well.