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5 Smart Tips for Containing Pet Hair

If you have pets, you’ve probably experienced—and most likely drowned in—mounds of pet hair. The downside to having your loving fur companion is the amount of hair they leave behind everywhere they go. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can’t stop your pet from shedding, but you can take these simple measures to lessen the pile-ups that cause your home to appear messy and dirty. Here are 5 smart tips for containing pet hair that will leave your home fresh and clean—pets and all!

Brush Often!

The biggest thing you can do to eliminate some of the fur is to brush your pet often—don’t neglect your grooming duties! Just taking a few minutes each day to brush your furry friend can significantly decrease the amount of shedding that occurs.  Make sure you brush your pet outside or in your garage so that what you remove from their coat doesn’t end up back in your house—the exact place you don’t want it! Brushing your pet everyday may seem tedious, but it can make a huge difference in keeping your home clean!

Cover Furniture

Pet shedding is inevitable unfortunately, and oftentimes you cannot control where they sit, lay down or roll around—a.k.a. where they leave their fur and hair behind. Cover the most common furniture, pillows, and other spaces that your pet uses with a slip cover. These are easy to wash and keep your actual furniture and home clean and fur-free! If you don’t want to use a slip or couch cover, you can even place a blanket or towel down on the furniture instead. This will at least contain your pet hair to certain areas that are easier to clean than say your couch or favorite lounging chair.

Use Rugs

Just as the covers protect your furniture, rugs can protect your carpets from getting massive hairball clumps. Buy machine-washable throw rugs so that they’re easy to clean. Place these rugs on the common lounging spots of your pet or places you’ve noticed the most fur accumulating. Place rugs or mats by the doors and any entrances from the outside. This will help trap any hair caught on their feet, and will protect your home from the dirt and other things they track in from the outside.

Clean Often

Despite your best efforts, pet hair will find its way into your corners, carpets and couches. Cleaning your home often will get rid of the huge pile-ups you find and reduce the overall amount of work you have to do each time. At least once a week—and possibly more if you have lots of pets or a big super-shedder—sweep the floors, vacuum the carpet and pick up the hair from other furniture and crevices. By cleaning often, you’ll feel less overwhelmed by your pets shedding because your home will look tidier and cleaner!

Quick Removal

Remove recently shed hair as soon as you can. Newly shed hair is much easier to clean off of any surface, whether it’s sheets, couches, floors or even your dog’s bed. It’s easier to clean because it hasn’t worked its way into the thread, fibers, or upholstery where it can get trapped and build up. The longer your pet’s shed hair stays where it is, the more often it will get walked on, sat on or moved around, which leads to tougher cleaning and more hair than you desire. So to fix this, try to clean your pet’s shed hair as soon as you can to ensure an easier clean and a tidier home!

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Bringing a pet into your life can be a great addition to your family—until you get to the cleanliness of your house that is! It seems as if you can’t get away from the muddy paw print trails, lingering pet odors and don’t forget the massive balls of pet hair you seem to be drowning in. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case! Here are some cleaning tips for pet owners to make your home clean and pet friendly—and no that isn’t an oxymoron!

  • Brush your pets multiple times per week. The more you brush them, the more the hair and fur ends up in the trash and not on your floors. Do this outside, if you can, in order to eliminate the need to sweep afterwards.
  • Put a washable slip cover or a towel down on your pet’s favorite spot or piece of furniture. Now when they lay down, the fur is on the cover — which makes for a much easier clean-up. Make sure to remove and wash the covering at least once a week.
  • For any pet hair that is on draperies, blankets, furniture, upholstery, etc., slightly dampen rubber gloves and use your hands to sweep the pet hair into an easy-to-pickup pile.
  • Despite all your efforts, there will mostly likely still be pet hair somewhere in your house—it’s practically inevitable—and this is where vacuuming comes in. Pick a vacuum with great suction and use it often over the floors and areas where the fur seems to linger.
  • Wherever your pet sleeps could be a huge culprit of trapping dirt and fur. If your pet sleeps on your bed at night, wash your sheets in high temperature at least once every two weeks. If possible, close the door to your bedroom during the day to limit their access. If your pet sleeps in its own bed, wash the bedding and deodorize it with baking soda as needed.
  • Put placemats under your pet’s food and water bowls/dishes to minimize the mess that can come from eating. Wipe down and clean the mats once a week.
  • If your pet is like some—especially cats—and likes to walk on surfaces that sometimes have food on them, make sure you wipe down your counters before and after you prepare food. Their paws have touched the litterbox, outside and other dirty surfaces and are now contaminating your counters with organisms.