5 Secrets Hotel Maids Know That You Don’t

If you want advice on how to do something, you go to the professionals—after all, they should know best, right? You go to a mechanic for car advice, a lawyer for legal advice, a chef for cooking advice…so why not go to maids for cleaning advice? Maids clean thousands of hotel rooms a year, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about efficient and effective cleaning. While your house may not look exactly like a hotel room, these cleaning tips can be applied to any space in your home. Here are 5 secrets hotel maids know that you don’t— but you certainly should!

Prepare to Clean

In order to clean a lot of rooms in a short amount of time, maids have to be prepared for the tasks ahead of them. They corral all their tools together in their carts and basket. You might not have a fancy cart lying around, you can round up all of your supplies in a caddy, basket or some other storage unit. With your cleaning tools all together, it’ll be much easier to tackle any cleaning task. Also, clear out all the clutter first before you start on a room. Clearing beds, counters, surfaces and floors first will not only make you feel like you have accomplished a lot in a small amount of time, but it’ll also allow for an easier cleaning. Preparing is one way to ensure a thorough clean and a healthy home!

Vacuum Before Mopping

Mopping’s a great way to clean floors in both hotels and homes; however, if there’s dirt, dust, hair or other particles on the ground, mopping can make one mess even messier. Wiping dust and hair with a mop will not effectively remove those things; in fact, it could make them more difficult to remove from the floor. If you don’t vacuum up the dust and dirt, then when you mop, you’re basically dragging dirt around all over your floor—quite the opposite of what you want! So before you start mopping a floor, make sure you vacuum or sweep in order to pick up all the dirt particles on the floor. This allows for a better and deeper clean of your home!

Vacuum the Opposite Way

While we’re on the topic of vacuuming, it’s important to mention a secret that hotel maids do all the time. Contrary to what you may’ve been told, you actually want to vacuum yourself into a room. Many people believe they should start in the farthest corner of the room and vacuum themselves out of the room; however, maids say that you should vacuum yourself into a room and then vacuum yourself out. When you vacuum yourself into the room, you’ll be going over heavily used areas. Then, when you vacuum yourself out of the room, you’re going over the most used/walked on areas twice. This ensures a definite clean!

Whack the Drapes

Drapes and curtains can be magnets for dust particles. You can use the brush attachment on your vacuum to clean the drapes; however, vacuuming them does not fully clean all the nooks and crannies where dust could be hiding. Instead, give the drapes a good whack with a hand towel. Doing so will loosen the dirt and dust onto the ground where you can then use your vacuum to clean. Also, using a towel is strong enough to be effective without tiring your arm out trying to remove dust from the drapes. Whacking all the drapes from top to bottom will remove all dust, dirt and other unwanted particles, making it easier to keep a clean and healthy home!

Let the Cleaner Do the Work

Whether you use store-bought or home-made cleaners, they’re one of the best things to use when doing a deep clean. The whole purpose is to aid in cleaning, so let it sit and do the work! When cleaning surfaces, spray them with the cleaner and then move on to a new task, letting the spray sit. When you come back and wipe to clean, the set cleaner will have done most of the work of removing dust and dirt. All you have to do is wipe away to finish the cleaning off. For example, when cleaning the bathroom, spray the toilet, shower, tub and counter, then move on to cleaning cabinets, mirrors and the floors. The cleaner that you let sit on the surfaces is at work while you are—so at the end of it all, you have a clean and healthy home!

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