5 Basic Cleaning Tools Every Home Needs

Creating a basic list of everything you need to clean their home can be overwhelming. Every home is different in size, number of rooms and cleaning standards — because every family is different in terms of messiness. However, there are a few basic clean tools that every house should have. Hint: To start off, before any of these are bought, you’ll want to buy an open storage container or caddy to easily organize all of these essential tools and products. So here are the basic cleaning tools to lead you to a happy, healthy home!


Sponges can be used on many different surfaces and there are a large variety of them available. They can be used to clean your outdoor patio furniture, car, bathroom sink, kitchen counter, tables, walls— and it’s pretty safe to say that sponges are an essential cleaning tool to have. When buying them, it’s important to have a mix of regular sponges, some with an abrasive side and some with a microfiber (softer) side in order to get the best clean of your dirtiest spaces. If you plan to reuse sponges, just make sure you clean them with hot water and soap, or run them through a cycle in your dishwasher or washing machine!

Vacuum Cleaner

Your floors get walked on and dirtied on a daily basis. Dirt, dust, allergens, and bacteria can all get trapped in your carpet’s fibers, creating an unhealthy space. Vacuuming properly is the best way to successfully remove these particles from your floors. It’s critical to have or buy a vacuum with the right attachments as well. The attachments, like hose nozzles, wands or different brushes, can be added to the end of the hose to clean different areas such as corners, baseboards, and furniture. A vacuum cleaner is an essential part of your cleaning arsenal for a healthy home!

Cleaning Cloths

Cloths can be used for dusting, wiping dirt or cleaning messes and spots left behind, and are great to have in your cleaning caddy. You can use a towel, store-bought cloth, or make your own eco-friendly alternative by cutting up an old t-shirt. Whichever you choose, try to buy or make it white cloth because this allows you to see when they’re dirty. They can also easily be bleached and disinfected, so you can continue reusing them.

Broom & Mop

It’s not just your carpet that can harbor pesky, unwanted particles. And while you can vacuum hardwood, tile and other surfaces, it’s best to add a broom and  mop to your cleaning supplies list. Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.25.23 PM Brooms and dust pans make for an easy sweep and clean-up of obvious dirt and dust found in the kitchen or other hard-surface floored rooms. Brooms can be good for sweeping up dust and a quick clean, but mops are needed to really get a thorough clean of your floors. Mopping cleans tougher stains and finer dirt particles,  and disinfects your floors better. Sweeping  and mopping at least once a week will allow you to have cleaner surfaces to walk on in no time!

All-Purpose Cleaning Solution

You most likely have many different surfaces in your home and lots of items that need to be cleaned. Having an all-purpose cleaner can come in handy for quick fixes, as well as for bigger, tougher messes. There are plenty of all-purpose cleaners on the market that will do the trick, or you can find a recipe online and create your own. As part of a good cleaner, vinegar will usually always do the trick, so it’s a good staple to have handy. Pair this cleaner with some of the other tools mentioned above, like cloths and sponges, in order to give your house the good clean it deserves!